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Whether you are working with stone, glass, metal or concrete, we can provide you with the tools you need, customized to the jobs you need to get done. From small DIY projects up to large industrial factories, we specialize in understanding your individual requirements and making equipment available to you when you need it most. The all important safety gear is also included in our range of supplies.
We are a Victorian-based business, offering delivery of products Australia-wide.
Specialized Diamond Products was established in 1997, with Mark Jeffree taking charge of the service in 2016. We not only value good long-term relationships with our clients, but also with our suppliers — getting to know their product range, quality, availability and manufacturing timelines — to ensure that we can deliver the best products to you in an efficient manner.
We provide unique applications and commonly requested adjustments!
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We have an extensive range of high quality products and combine that with the ability to custom-build, size or redress items.


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“The consistent attention to detail, reliability and speed of delivery are why we only get our tools from Specialized Diamond Products. Mark knows exactly how we need our wheels redressed and this helps us to deliver high quality finish to our own customers every time.”

“Specialized Diamond Products is our go-to for all of our factory needs, from drills and belts to personal safety equipment. We don’t need to go anywhere else!”

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