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3006, 2018

Glove Safety Standards

Understanding glove safety standards and rating numbers Match the safety standards to the level of protection you need. The Australian standards (AS/NZS) for occupational protective gloves, are equivalent to European Standards (EN), which are more commonly printed on the

2703, 2018

Specialized Diamond Products – your one-stop-shop for drilling, cutting, sanding and so much more!

Whether you are working with metal precision, concrete, glass, stone or ceramics... DIY or industrial... we specialize in helping you achieve your unique project requirements with our custom-built solutions, product availability and delivery options. We are a Victorian-based business, offering

1103, 2018

Product catalogues for Norton, Shinano, Tyrolit, Abrasiflex, Kinik, Pferd and PRO Safety Gear

Specialized Diamond Products offers stock, orders and customisations for products from a range of the best tool suppliers in the world. Brands include (but are not limited to) Norton, Shinano, Tyrolit, Kinik, Abrasiflex, Deerfos, Pferd, Flexovit, Noritake, 3M, Scotch-Brite, Kevlar,

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